Join Us….

JUNE 9th, 11am to 1pm – 100 Mile Potluck lunch to welcome our new director and give our Founder a warm send off to Louisville, Kentucky.

RSVP and sign up to bring a dish HERE or by emailing



Help us make sure our local food directory is as inclusive as possible. If you work with a school or community garden, a restaurant that buys local, a hunger relief effort that’s looking for fresh food, or an organization that works for our food system – let us know. So far we have over 40 gardens listed!! We go to print soon so please contact us to make sure your site is included.

We have one more week to reserve ads and two weeks to secure sponsors. If you know an individual or business who would like to help publish this excellent resource, please let us know.

ALFN COMMUNITY FUND APPLICATION CYCLE IS OPEN!!! Spread the word and visit the Community Fund page to access applications.

Too busy on Saturday to pick up or headed out of town for the weekend?

Monday pick up is official – every Monday from 4:30pm to 6:00pm. You may now select this as your pick up time. PLEASE NOTE that this pick up option is an added convenience for you. These items are delivered for the Saturday market please do not order highly perishable items, such as plants or strawberries for pick upon Monday.

A note regarding credit card payments

If your membership is due and you would like to pay with your credit or debit card your total can be adjusted to reflect month-by-month and partial membership payments. When you order, simply complete the ordering process with your credit card payment and your total will be adjusted to reflect the membership payment of your choice before your payment is sent through. Payments are also adjusted for missing and extra items.

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