Call for Food Stories

Call for “local food” stories. See guidelines below!  These stories are going to be read live at the dinner for the Little Rock Local Food Tour!!

Tales from the South on the Road:
Little Rock Local Food Tour @ Bernice Garden
Submission Guidelines

• Stories must be true and told in the first person—recounting things that happened to you, not someone else, and they must be literary memoirs—not editorials, poems, top-ten lists, essays, or general statements of personal belief. There must be a clear narrative structure (not just chronologies: something must happen). We’re looking for rising action building to a climax/epiphany. Literary memoir, not personal essay, is what we are looking for. Please see our submission guidelines on our website for prompts, ideas, and We also highly suggest you listen to past shows:

• If accepted, writers must read their own stories and be available to record in front of a live audience at the Little Rock Local Food Tour Dinner at Bernice Garden in downtown Little Rock on Sunday, October 14, 2012.

• Stories must be between 1000-1200 words. We will choose the stories best suited for the show, that work the best together, and will fit our timing. Stories that are not chosen for this show will be filed as a regular submission for our weekly show at Starving Artist Café in North Little Rock (unless writer chooses not to).

• TOPIC: The topic for this show is “local food.” We will help with the editing of the story, but here are some pointers:

Pick ONE incident to write about. “Local food” might include the first or last time you tried to grow your own garden, or an incident that happened at a farmer’s market or farm-to-table restaurant. Perhaps it’s a memory of something that happened in your grandmother’s garden, or the first time you realized that eating local was something you wanted to try. If you are a farmer, think about incidents that happened: something that changed you in some way. We are looking for something that happened, not a chronology of your life or an essay about the benefits of local food. Write it out in scenes (not summary), using sensory details to put the listeners there with you. Story structure required: rising action building to a climax/epiphany. Stay away from commentary and just let the story show us.

• Literary devices and techniques highly encouraged.

• Material should be G- or PG-rated. No profanity, explicit sexual content, or scatological references. Material that is overtly critical of a particular race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation will not be accepted. The FCC is very strict, and you should take this into consideration when submitting.

• Tales from the South will acquire the rights for broadcast and simultaneous live audio streaming over the facilities of KUAR and multiple other Public Radio stations nationwide. Archived shows are broadcast on ITunes, the NPR website, the KUAR website, and Stitcher, and rebroadcasted on World Radio Network (both satellite and internet radio). We are distributed by Public Radio Exchange, and the Release Form will reflect any changes. You (the writer) retain all publication rights, both hardcopy and electronic.

• Stories will be eligible to be included in yearly collections published by Temenos Publishing, as long as the author owns all copyrights. Anthology stories will be chosen by the Editor and a panel as the “year’s best.” Authors may choose to not be included in the anthology.

• Writers whose stories are chosen for this show will be notified via email and will be given editorial suggestions to adhere to the format of the show.

• To submit:
1) In the subject line, put LOCAL FOOD SHOW and the name of your story, the word count, and your name: EX: LOCAL FOOD SHOW “Mockingbird” 1000 words by Paula Morell,

2) Paste your submission into the body of your email (we will not open any attachments),

3) Include a brief bio, and

4) email to:
(If you do not include “LOCAL FOOD SHOW” in your subject line, we will not know that you are submitting for the Local Food show, and your story will be filed with our regular submissions.) We do not accept mailed submissions. Email submissions only.

• Submission deadline is 10 p.m. Sunday, September 30, 2012.

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