Tour Updates: How the Show will Go

The Method to the Madness:
Our Little Rock Food Tour will go a little something like this:
The tour will be a blend between self-guided and all-as-one. Every participant will receive a schedule and map at the beginning of the tour, with a route and each site given a specific time for visits. We’ll all be free to travel at our own pace, but we’ll move at the same general time, to and from the same places. There are no guarantees that a site will be open for visits if you come outside of the scheduled times.  If you’re late for the tour, you will miss the bus, so to speak. We’ll start at 12:30, heading to the 15th St Garden, and lark from there. The hayrides are set at specific times to move us from place to place. All this is to say, please be at the Bernice Garden by 12:30pm, ready to go. If you need to leave early, we’ll hate to see you go but be quite understanding. If you need to come late, it’ll be up to you to figure out where we are in the SoMa jungle.

Things to bring:
  • A Cold Beverage and accompanying container for said beverage.
  • Walking Shoes
  • Something Warm to protect you from the Fall cold
  • A Bicycle
  • A Camera, so you don’t miss those photo opp’s

Along the tour will be a roving band of volunteers from Arkansas Local Food Network’s board. Despite their crude appearance, they can be trusted when help is needed. There will be bathroom and water stops along the way.

Our Dinner & A Show Fundraiser will go a little something like this:
The dinner AND tour are fundraisers for our FRESH Local Food Directory. All proceeds go to its future printing, which we hope to do year after year, as more and more local food spots pop up. The dinner will be semi-formal, with a four course dinner provided by Boulevard Bread Co. The Salty Dogs will play music while we dine, and after we’ve eaten our fill, Tales for the South will entertain us with Southern food stories. Diamond Bear Beer and wine will be served with donations welcome. The dinner will be outside, in the Bernice Garden, so please come snuggled up. Food, music, and stories can only do so much to keep you warm! You can forgo the tour and come to the dinner or buy tickets for both at a slightly discounted price!

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