With the temperature dropping over 20 degrees within a few days, I feel pretty confident that Fall doesn’t have plans of going anywhere. At least I hope not. I was pretty irked and think others were too of the 80 something degree weather that neared the end of October, as it completely gave a different mood to the season. Now that the weather matches the season, I feel as though everything is in sync.

              Let me introduce myself, my name is Anabel Logan and I am senior at UALR. I plan on finishing all of my credits and graduating summer of 2013. I am an International Studies major and Spanish minor. My plans after graduating are uncertain at this point, but a quote I recently came across which gave me comfort was, “When everything is uncertain, anything is possible”. Although I don’t have “definite” plans post-graduation, I am open to almost anything and feel that an International Studies major will lead me to many different options career speaking. I am interested in other cultures (specifically indigenous), international nonprofits and nonprofits in general sustainable tourism and holistic/integrative health and nutrition.

            I decided to intern at the Arkansas Local Food Network because I was specifically interested in and drawn to the idea of locally-produced products made and grown as an alternative buying option for the community of Little Rock. I strongly believe in the concept of buying local and feel that it has many added benefits that affect different aspects of the community and economy. As an intern I will be visiting the grower’s farms of ALFN where I can tour the land, take pictures, and learn the about the history of the farm. I am honored to have a hands-on experience with these different farms and believe that it will really help me see and understand how the process of locally produced and sold products works and the effort it takes. I look forward to visiting the different farms and share my experiences.

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