Fresh Directory

Here is the ALFN FRESH directory of our FRESH Directory.  Share this link with friends and community members!  An invaluable community resource for finding local food in Central Arkansas!

Check out our GOOGLE EARTH MAP of the directory HERE – When you click you will be downloading our map file – But you have to have google earth to open and view it. You can get Google Earth HERE (it’s free).  Note also that this is a “working map” – new gardens and local food sites are sprouting as we speak! You can also view the map in Google Maps without downloading it here:


Did you know that there are more than forty school and community gardens in Little Rock and North Little Rock area and more than forty restaurants and food stores offering local products?  Stay tuned for our print directory of Little Rock and North Little Rock community and school gardens, area farms and market gardens, hunger relief efforts seeking donations of local food, farmers markets, restaurants and food stores with local options, and food and garden organizations.  We are happy to announce that our FRESH directory is going to print and will be available online as well as in printed form all over Little Rock!


3 Responses to Fresh Directory

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  2. Sean Sikes says:

    can we be added to the map??

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